24 January 2006

Help us out... (and get Undercover for free)

As mentioned in the previous post, iSight support will be the major new feature in the next version of Undercover. Development is going great, but for our test phase, we are looking for someone with an iMac Core Duo. Basically, the only thing you'll need to do is help us test/verify a couple of things. As we see it now, it won't take you more than one hour.

Some rules:
- We only need one person / iMac
- You must have an Intel iMac (iMac Core Duo). no PPC iMac, no MacBook and of course err... no Dell
- If interested, send us an email and include a screenshot of the About Panel of your iMac Core Duo.
- The first reply we get, wins. I apologize in advance to all other participants.

In return, you'll get a free Undercover household license (a $44 value).
Start emailing.... now

[UPDATE: Brian Warren was the first to contact us. The contest is now closed (it only lasted for 29 minutes)]


Anonymous said...

Not that I have any doubts that the product does work, but could you post screenshots of it / what it looks like when it's seen by the technician / and how it would "shout that the Mac has been stolen."

It's great to buy a product on faith alone, but since the only way to see what this would look like would be to report it stolen, I don't think a lot of people want to do so for fun. Thanks!

Peter Schols said...

You are absolutely right. With the upcoming Undercover 1.5, we are planning to post screenshots and videos on our website to demonstrate how Undercover behaves when the Mac is stolen.

Peter Schols said...

Could the person who left an anonymous comment regarding an Undercover review please contact me directly by email?