29 September 2015

Taking the Undercover experience to new heights

If you are ready for El Capitan, so are we! Undercover 6.5 fully supports the latest version of Mac OS X. You can find the new version ready for download in your account at undercoverHQ.com, or right here.

The new Undercover comes with a completely retinafied Undercover HQ. Granted, this will not help you recover your Mac any faster, but it may ease the pain a bit to do so in @2x resolution.

In this version we have also improved the location tracking, for which Undercover now fully relies on Apple’s Location Services.

After upgrading OS X, if Gatekeeper alerts you that Undercover has been placed in quarantine, it’s best to simply download and install the latest version again. Don’t worry: this does not mean that Undercover is not compatible with El Capitan.

Enjoy the view! ;)
The Undercover Team

04 May 2015

Customer Testimonial - Burglar Caught!

I opened our mailbox this weekend to find this email. Thought I'd share it with you:

Dear Orbicule,
Thank you for your amazing software!
Although at this point in time, my stolen Mac has yet to be found, your stellar product has recently significantly contributed to the capturing and jailing of a wanted criminal.
If only Orbicule and/or the police were to somehow still find my laptop, I would have an even-better customer testimonial success story to tell. =P
Regardless, below are a few URLs related to this case.
Your collective hard work, excellent software product development team, and professional crew over at Orbicule definitely get my praise and support! :)

I really hope we can update this story soon, when they find the stolen Mac!

Newark Police Department NIXLE

Atherton park burglary suspect arrested after police chase

Newark Burglary Suspect Nabbed When Stolen Laptop Takes His Photo

Newark: Remote webcam photo helps police nab laptop thief