29 September 2008

Undercover 2.5 has landed

We are proud to release Undercover 2.5, the only theft-recovery solution that has been designed exclusively for Mac OS X.
The update is free for all registered Undercover users

Changes since Undercover 2.0
- We removed the dead-Mac feature in which a Mac would start plan B if offline for more than two months, even if it's not listed as stolen. We hoped that this feature would have helped us recover stolen Macs that are never connected. In reality, the feature did not help at all, not even in one case.
- Memory footprint and CPU usage have been dramatically reduced. In most cases, memory footprint is down 75%.
- In addition, Undercover 2.5 sports dozens of under-the-hood improvements and fixes.
- Undercover 2.5 now automatically replaces all previous versions. Simply run the installer and you are all set.

How to upgrade from any previous Undercover version
- Download Undercover 2.5 from the Undercover website and run the installer.
- Undercover automatically recognizes older Undercover versions and removes them.
- Restart your Mac when prompted by the installer
- Undercover 2.5 does not recognize your previous registration: you will need to enter your email address and license key again. You can find your license key in the email that has been sent by Kagi after your purchase. This email has been sent by admin@kagi.com, you may use Spotlight to find it.
- You will then receive the Undercover ID for the Mac you installed Undercover on.

Check whether Undercover is running on your Mac
Undercover will require you to re-enter your Kagi license key. After registration, you will receive an email containing the Undercover ID for the Mac you have registered Undercover on. The fact that you are receiving the email with the UC ID means that Undercover has been successfully installed and is working properly on your Mac.
Important note: The Undercover ID is unique for a particular Mac. This is unlike the Kagi license key, which may be used on a number of Macs if you have a household or site license.

Over the coming days, registered users will be notified of this update by email.