10 January 2008

Recovery in Surfers Paradise

Prospective customers are continuously inquiring for new Undercover recovery stories, and rightly so. We already posted two fully illustrated recovery stories on our recovery page. Writing up these stories, illustrating them and making sure these stories are not hindering police and/or court investigations is harder than it seems.

Therefore, we were delighted to receive an email from Dean Katsiris, a client we helped to recover his stolen MacBook: he wrote a detailed recovery report, including iSight images captured by Undercover. Please note that this recovery has taken unusually long, but thanks to the perseverance of Dean and the efficacy of Undercover, the story has a happy end. Enjoy...

05 January 2008

Have a great 2008

We at Orbicule wish you a joyful and healthy new year! May all your dreams come true (or at least some of them).
We also wish you a safe year for yourself, your family and of course for your precious Mac.

After launching Undercover 2, we took some time off to relax and recover as 2008 is shaping up to become an exciting year with a major new product scheduled to be released in Q3 2008. To be continued...