07 August 2012

Undercover 5 is here

It's great to introduce Undercover 5, the long awaited new version of our theft recovery app. Undercover 5 now adds key logging, as well as the ability to snap photos, screenshots or location data in real-time. In addition, we have completely rewritten the Undercover web interface: it's now easier than ever to manage all your Macs.

Because Undercover 5 is such a big upgrade from version 4, we have given it a new virtual home: http://www.undercoverhq.com. With this new home comes a new account system, so your Undercover 4 credentials won't work with http://www.undercoverhq.com. If you are still on Undercover 4 (or earlier), please contact support@orbicule.com. We'll send you a coupon code to purchase Undercover 5 for free if you have bought after September 23 2010, or for just $19 if you purchased Undercover before that date.

Undercover 4 and the http://undercovercenter.com web app will continue to work until the end of 2013. We highly recommend all our users to switch to Undercover 5 as soon as possible.