13 April 2010

Undercover 4 is here

We are very proud to present Undercover 4, our newest baby. The tentpole feature in Undercover 4 is UndercoverCenter, an online system that allows you to track a lost or stolen Mac in real-time. We first introduced UndercoverCenter in November for our iPhone version, and now it's available for the Mac too.

UndercoverCenter allows you to view your Mac's location, as well as all iSight and screenshot images that are transmitted from the stolen Mac. In addition, you (or the police) can now download a zip file that contains all these images, as well as a connection log (often required by the police to obtain a subpoena) and a Google Earth file pinpointing all locations the Mac has visited since its theft.

We did not stop there though. As you know, Undercover is still the only theft-recovery app to offer the possibility to completely block a lost or stolen Mac and to display a full-screen message. This 'plan B', as we call it, can be controlled entirely from UndercoverCenter.

While we are definitely not the first to offer a web-based solution to track a stolen Mac, we are confident that UndercoverCenter is the best solution out there. We hope it sets a new standard in usability, as we designed it to feel like a native Mac app.
We made a video showing off some of the new UndercoverCenter features.

We have been working on UndercoverCenter for about a year, we hope you will be pleased with the end result. Undercover 4 is a free upgrade for all our registered users. Just download the installer from our website and run it. It will automatically remove older versions of Undercover. Simply enter your license key when prompted.