11 February 2011

Beta-testers wanted

During the past months, we have devoted most of our time to an exciting, super-secret Orbicule project. As we are almost done, we would like to have some feedback from outside the company.
If you are interested in helping us make this project succeed, feel free to drop us an email at beta@orbicule.com. We are especially interested in beta testers owning both a Mac and an iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch).

Please include the following information:
- Your name and address
- Other software you helped beta-test
- Mac OS X version
- iOS device type and OS version
- iOS UDID (see this post for instructions)

The beta program will start on Tuesday 15 February. Selected testers will receive the first version on that day.

UPDATE: We are no longer looking for testers, thanks for the enthusiastic response!