08 April 2014

First thing to do when your Mac gets stolen? Undercover 6 does it for you!

Imagine for 5 seconds what you would do if your Mac gets stolen...

We bet reporting the theft on UndercoverHQ.com didn’t cross your mind. That’s a shame, because the first few hours after the theft can be quite crucial when it comes to gathering evidence. That’s why we introduce Undercover 6, featuring Undercover Watch. Undercover Watch monitors your Mac and starts collecting evidence as soon as it detects your Mac is out-of-place, even if you haven’t realized it yet.

Undercover Watch can monitor your Mac and activate the recovery procedure when your Mac connects from a network away from your home or work place.
In addition, we’ve always encouraged you to set up dummy or guest accounts for thiefs to use. Now Undercover can activate automatically when a thief uses that account.

Undercover 6 is more than just a software update. It also comes with a major upgrade to our recovery center. We’ve always made a point of having the best theft recovery service available. Now we’re taking this to the next level. From today on, we actively follow up on theft reports. When you report a theft, someone of our theft recovery center will personally get in touch with you.

If you already use Undercover 5, then Undercover 6 is a free upgrade for you! If you have Undercover 5.6, you will receive the update automatically. Otherwise you can install it from https://undercoverhq.com/download.