29 March 2010

Beta-testers wanted

Undercover 4 is right around the corner. It will be the most significant Undercover-upgrade yet. As with all previous Undercover upgrades, it will be free for registered users. This applies to all of our clients, including the early-adopters who purchased Undercover 1.0 in January 2006.

To make sure Undercover 4 is issue-free from the start, we are currently looking for a few extra beta testers. We are especially - but not solely - interested in Mac OS X Tiger users.
If you are interested in helping us out, please send an email to beta@orbicule.com. Don't forget to mention your affiliation, the Mac OS X version you are using and the hardware you will be testing on.

UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who signed up. We now have enough beta testers.

12 March 2010

iPad support

In case you were wondering about our iPad commitment: Undercover iPhone will run just fine on the iPad from day one. If you already have our iPhone version, just sync your iPad with iTunes to protect your pad. No need to purchase another app. In addition, we will take iPad support a step further by developing an iPad-optimized version.