28 August 2009

Undercover welcomes Snow Leopard

Undercover has a tradition of innovation. It was the first theft-recovery app to:
  • snap pictures of the thief
  • transmit screenshots (it's still the only one)
  • simulate a hardware failure (it's still the only one)
  • offer a plan B, allowing you to completely block the stolen Mac (it's still the only one)
  • come out as a Universal Binary, running natively on Intel Macs

Today, the innovation continues, as we are introducing the first 64-bit theft-recovery application on any platform. With Undercover 3.1, we not only support Tiger and Leopard, but also Snow Leopard, which is about to be released within a few hours. When running on Snow Leopard, Undercover automatically switches to 64-bit if your Mac supports it. This makes Undercover even faster, more efficient and more secure.

In addition, Undercover 3.1 uses Apple's Core Location framework on all Snow Leopard-enabled Macs. It's the same framework that Apple uses on the iPhone to provide accurate location information.

Here is how to upgrade Undercover when installing Snow Leopard:

  • Install Snow Leopard (there is no need to remove Undercover first)
  • Download the Undercover 3.1 installer from our website and run it
  • There is no step 3

Undercover will automatically detect and remove previous versions of Undercover and it will install the appropriate version for your version of Mac OS X.
Undercover will also detect your registration information, so you won't be prompted to enter that again.

If you are currently running Tiger or Leopard and you have no plans to upgrade to Snow Leopard, there is no need to upgrade your Undercover. On Tiger and Leopard, Undercover 3.1 is exactly the same as Undercover 3.0. It only adds new features on Snow Leopard (64-bit and Core Location).

The innovation won't stop here: Undercover 3.1 is just a small update to ensure that our customers can protect their Snow Leopard Macs from day one. We are simultaneously working on a much more substantial upgrade that will be available this fall.

19 August 2009

Car wash recovery story

We just posted a new recovery story about an iMac stolen from a car wash in Bakersfield, CA. Head over to our recovery page to read how Undercover helped IT manager Brian to get his Mac back in less than a week.