17 April 2007

Taming Leopard

Although the next major release of Mac OS X is still some months away, we are proud to report that most of the work has been done to make Undercover sing on Leopard. Current internal builds of Undercover run perfectly on the latest Leopard build (9A410). Although Undercover is a modern application, 'porting' it to a new OS version is always a challenge, because the application is so unusual in many ways (totally hidden, no user interface, ...). We also managed to add two major new features to Undercover. At least one of these features has been discussed previously on this weblog. As things stand now, we plan to release Undercover 2.0 as a free upgrade for both Tiger and Leopard, soon after Apple releases its newest feline. Of course, Leopard is still very much work in progress so we keep testing Undercover on every new release.