27 December 2008

Orbicule at MacWorld

Orbicule will have its own booth at Macworld Expo 2009 in San Francisco. We will be there to answer all your questions about Undercover and Macnification. Please feel free to drop by at our booth # 1438, even if you don't have any questions. We are looking forward to meeting you!

Oh, there is one more thing: we will make a major announcement at Macworld. If you can't make it to the city by the bay, please keep an eye on this weblog!

11 December 2008

Undercover and the iPhone

On a daily basis, we are getting requests for an iPhone version of Undercover. Until now, we have been intentionally vague about our iPhone plans, as we did not want to give away too much information before we actually ship the software.

In the meantime, however, some other people and companies have created anti-theft software for the iPhone. No problem with that, we love some competition. Unfortunately, though, all these solutions rely on the fact that the thief himself should launch the theft-recovery application.

I don't know about you, but here at Orbicule we think that this is totally useless and that you could as well ask the thief to turn himself in at the nearest police station. Relying on the fact that a thief should disclose his own location, is not our definition of a secure theft-recovery software. We know most thieves are not that smart, but this is really pushing it. Moreover, a thief could easily remove the software from the iPhone, just like he can uninstall any other third party application. We could have shipped similar software on the AppStore several months ago, but we decided not to: this solution simply does not meet our standards.

Time has come to announce that we have been working for many months on a highly advanced theft-recovery system for the iPhone. As soon as Undercover is released, it will blow anything else out of the water. The system is 95% ready and we are currently testing beta builds. Its release has been a moving target, as we are dependent upon Apple for some of its aspects. But now at least you know that we have been working relentlessly on an iPhone solution and that you will have a decent theft recovery solution to choose from once Undercover iPhone is released.

This is all the information we can share right now, as the Apple NDA keeps developers from disclosing details about unreleased applications.
Please keep an eye on this blog, we will release information as it becomes available. Or follow our Twitter feed at http://twitter.com/orbicule.