22 November 2011

We love you, Steve!

A lot has been written about Steve's life and death over the past six weeks, and rightly so. His vision and clear thinking have guided thousands of people and companies across the globe. Orbicule is definitely one of them. 'No respect for the status quo', our company's tagline, has literally been 'taken' from the Think Different campaign Steve launched upon his return to Apple in 1997.

It's not just about slogans though, we try to let the Steve-mindset and attention to detail permeate everything we do. It's even safe to say that without Steve, Orbicule would not even exist. That's quite an accomplishment for someone we never met in person. Fortunately we were lucky enough to attend and enjoy many of his Stevenotes, being in the same room with the reality distortion field.

Needless to say, we were deeply saddened when we learned about Steve's passing and we felt we should do something to remember him. Just hours after the news broke, the Belgian national television asked us to participate in a short movie to remember and honor Steve. Of course, we accepted immediately.

As a tribute to Steve, we are posting the resulting movie below. Part of it was filmed at Orbicule, and you might recognize the entire Orbicule team in the final shot.

It's our way to say: "thank you Steve, we love you!'.