19 July 2012

Undercover on Mountain Lion

In our New Year's resolutions blog post, we promised to release Undercover 5 in the first half of this year. Obviously we did not meet that deadline. The reason for this delay is quite simple: we added much more functionality and polish to Undercover 5 than we could have anticipated in January. The delay won't last too much longer, however, as we are planning to release Undercover 5 in August. It will be the biggest upgrade yet, giving our competitors a lot more stuff to copy.

In the meantime, Mountain Lion is just around the corner and as with every previous OS X release, we want to be ready on day 1. That's why we released an intermediate 4.8 update that is fully compatible with Mountain Lion. Of course, it also runs on Leopard, Snow Leopard and Lion. We had to drop Tiger support for 4.8, but Undercover 4.7.1 is still compatible with Tiger.

You may download Undercover 4.8 on the Undercover Mac home page. For Tiger users, Undercover 4.7.1 is available here.