23 September 2010

Undercover iPhone on iOS 4

We were close to releasing Undercover 2 for iPhone, featuring background location tracking on iOS 4. However, a few days after we started internal beta testing, Apple introduced iOS 4.1 and suddenly our internal Undercover builds stopped working. After some research, it turned out that iOS 4.1 contains a rather serious bug affecting background location tracking. Since Undercover 2 has been designed for background location tracking, there is no point in releasing this new version right now.

As soon as Apple fixes this issue - which we hope will be with the release of iOS 4.2 in November - we will submit Undercover 2 to the App Store. Although this situation is obviously beyond our control, we apologize to our iPhone customers. In the meantime, Undercover 1.6 should keep your iPhones and iPads secured.