22 August 2008

Looking for beta testers [Updated]

As a major Undercover update nears the beta testing stage, we are looking for testers.
If you would like to participate, please send us an email with the following information:

- The Mac model you can test on
- The Mac OS X version you are running (we need both Tiger and Leopard testers)
- Previous beta-testing work you have done on other software

Testers should prepare to spend about 3 hours over the next weeks to test the newest Undercover release.
Needless to say, participating testers will receive a free Undercover license if they complete the testing procedure.
We only need a few testers, so you need to act quickly

Thanks for the huge number of responses we received. We now have plenty of beta testers for the upcoming Undercover update, so we are no longer looking for candidates

21 August 2008

Become a fan of Orbicule

If you have a Facebook account - and who doesn't these days - you may become a fan of Orbicule. Point your browser to the Orbicule page. We will use this page - in addition to this blog - to post company news, job openings, ...