21 October 2010

More recovery news

We just published two more recovery testimonials and one full-page recovery story. Head over to our recovery page for more information.

12 October 2010

Introducing Incognito

We just released a Safari extension that protects your online privacy. It's called Incognito and it blocks companies like e.g. Google and Facebook from gathering information about you (or your browsing habits) outside the context of their own websites. The plugin started as a personal project by Albert Jorissen, one of our engineers. He was concerned about the fact that some large companies have access to a staggering amount of information about his online life. Have a look at the Incognito page for more information on this free Safari extension.

11 October 2010

New recovery stories

We just posted five new recovery stories and customer testimonials. Head over to our recoveries page to read how Undercover helped the Florida police to catch a creepy thief / stalker, or how Undercover recovered a brand new iPad in South Carolina. We also have a detailed recovery story from Lille, France and a testimonial from Helsingborg, Sweden.