29 March 2006

The big Apple

The Undercover presentation was a unique experience: it's very satisfying to present your own software in one of Apple's flagship stores. Unfortunately, we could not use the store's theatre as they are rebuilding it and making it even bigger, but the temporary location worked out quite well. The Apple store staff was amazingly friendly and helpful to make sure everything ran as expected. Maybe we will come back to NYC once the theatre reopens...

Another great surprise was that my cousin Sali flew in from the Florida Keys, just to attend my presentation. It was great to see her back after 18 months. Sali is a very gifted illustrator / designer. Make sure to check out some of her work and her weblog. We hope to see her soon in Belgium.

It was my first trip to New York and I'm still quite impressed... I have visited a couple of other 'big cities' (London, Amsterdam, San Francisco, Paris,...). While they are all attractive for different reasons, New York really seems to be a class of its own. At least when it comes to the number of skyscrapers, corporate headquarters and other landmark buildings (such as the U.N.).

There are many things I liked about NY: Ellis Island, walking across the Brooklyn bridge, the MOMA, the Natural History museum, the NYBG, Central Park, the view from the top of Rockefeller center, ... all in all, it's an amazing city and we definitely plan to visit it again.

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations Peter.
My MacbookPro (I still want to call it a Powerbook alright Steve?!) is duly protected and the peace of mind factor is quite high. All the best for the future success of this interesting application. JM.