07 April 2006

Are you a beta tester?

We could use some help while working on the next generation Undercover version. If you have a MacBook Pro and if you are interested in testing, drop us an email. Selected testers will receive a free household license. We only need a couple of testers, so we are going to have a deadline of Friday 7 April (that's today) @ 11.59 PM GMT. Note that you do need to have a MBP!



Francisco Bricio said...


I'm interested.
I own a MacBookPro 2Ghz, 2Gb RAM and have plenty of experience on beta testing, among some of the products I have tested in the past are Microsoft Office 2004, LifeBalance and MacJournal.

I have also assisted in Spanish localization for many products since I'm from Mexico.

Let me know what's next.

Francisco Bricio
Phone +1 (832) 364-6062

Alan said...

Neat idea but I think the security issue is a big turn-off. Why not have it configurable to read an xml file located on a server of your choosing? It can ping it at chosen intervals and contain status information and what-to-do configurations...

Chris McConnell said...

Hey, I've got a new MBP, 1.83 GHz / 512 MB RAM, I'm from Canada and I often get my computer into weird situations.

Chris McConnell

twopeak said...

It would be nice to know if it has already been succesfull. Now it seems it has only been tested by people.
How many people have had a stolen laptop with undercover installed and how many of them were recovered?

Jimmy said...

i got a macbook pro 2.0 1gb of ram

and i would love to test this if its still availible,

someone got stabbed for for powerbook last night in sf


jimmy said...

i would love to test this for you guys,
i have a 2.0ghz 1gb ram macbook

someone got stabbed last last night in sf for there pb at a cafe....... crazy


Chad Crowell said...

Still looking for testers? My MBP arrives from Amazon tomorrow. How better to let it know how much I care than by installing your cool software first.

chadcrowell at gmail

fixyourthinking said...

this seems like a ripoff or copy of iAlertU ... what is your response to this?

Peter Schols said...

While the concept is very similar, the app is no ripoff: we were already beta-testing TheftSensor when iAlertU was not even released... (see the date of this post)

Steven Deckers said...

Hi Peter,

If you're still looking for beta-testers, count me in. I'm also from Leuven but will move to Stockholm in about a month. I'm travelling quite often and of course my MBP always goes with me :-)

I've got a standard 2.0 GHz MBP with 1 GB RAM, and TheftSensor installed of course :-)

You can reach me at stevendeckers@mac.com


Peter Schols said...

Thanks for the huge amount of emails and replies we have gotten to this post. Don't despair if you are not selected as a tester this time: we keep these names and email addresses around for future rounds of beta testing.

Jose Ruiz Isenberg said...

hey if you still need another beta tester im up for it, my email is j.ruiz_isenberg@mac.com, ive got a 2.16 Ghz MacBook Pro Maxed out in every sense of the word i am an airline crew member so im always on the move with it..