19 June 2006

Undercover on the Austrian national radio (ORF)

Yesterday evening, the ORF (the Austrian National Radio) reviewed Undercover for their Matrix magazine, a radio show dedicated to computers and new media. Sonja Bettel from ORF tested Undercover in a Vienna-based Mac store by simulating a real theft. While my knowledge of the German language is not good enough to understand everything, I could get most of it and I must say that this show is both informative and entertaining. If your German is better than mine, you should listen to the mp3 version of the show or check out the show's webpage.


Anonymous said...


You may not have a command of German, but your knowledge of the English language is spectacular. In addition, your site design is nothing short of remarkable; it is real pleasure to examine it in detail.

Peter Schols said...

Whoa, thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hi, what they write is basically what you write on your homepage.

And a lot of "super-clever" comments.
They do not know that firmware protection makes it hard to bypass the login screen. (Target mode, booting from external source and re-installing software and so on is blocked) and if amateurs advise to try to exchange the drive they don't know how tricky that is on a mobile Mac.

greetings carl (I just purchased a copy of your software and I am willing to give it a try)