24 July 2007

Development update

This blog has been quiet over the past few weeks. First there has been WWDC07 and subsequently we have gone Undercover ourselves to make sure that the next version of Undercover runs smoothly on Leopard (Mac OS X 10.5). Initially we planned to have Undercover 2 out of the door by July, but since Leopard itself has been a bit of moving target, we had to change our plans accordingly. We keep testing on the latest Leopard builds, while ensuring that Undercover remains compatible with Tiger as well.

In the meantime, we are compiling some very interesting, illustrated recovery stories. They are almost ready to go: please keep an eye on this weblog, it will be worth the wait!


Our said...

I just purchase Undercover yesterday before my trip to the US.
I have a question, do you know of any product similar to Undercover for Windows machine?
We have about 10 windows laptops and I'm wondering if we could protect them this way.
I will have ask my boss to get Undercover if you were working on windows machine.

Joel said...


This appears to be a prominent computer recovery program that works with Windows. It's a subscription service, ~$50 per year.

patrick said...

Do you have or are you developing UC for iPod Touch / iPhone?