07 October 2008

Registration window fix

Some of our users have reported that the registration window does not appear after installing the newly released Undercover 2.5. As a temporary fix, we recommended users that experienced this issue to manually start the registration application.

We now fixed this issue, however. The version number remains at 2.5 since only the registration application has been updated, not Undercover itself. If you already upgraded to version 2.5 over the past few days and you had to manually start the registration process, there is no reason to download and install again. The fact that you had to manually start the registration application did not affect Undercover's functionality.

We sincerely apologize to the handful of users who experienced this inconvenience.


Anonymous said...

well, no problem! orbicule answered very friendly to all of my questions so that there was not really a problem with this little bug.

Anonymous said...

How does one manually register? What are the directions for this?

dstrickler said...

On 10.5.5 (Dec 3, 2008) registration did not start for me after the upgrade. I ran the file manually from disk, and it worked well, and I did get the email from your site saying I had registered it.

I can see the uc app running, and the date indicates Oct, so I think it's the current version, but I would ask that future versions have a way for me to check what version is running, and the last time it "phoned home". The added information would help me sleep better!

Anonymous said...

Can't get a registration window from version 3 on either of two mac - both are 15" core duos running os 10.5 (10.5.5 and 10.5.7).

How to run manually?

Peter Schols said...

Please try the following:

- Choose Go To Folder from the Finder's Go menu
- Enter the following path: /usr/bin/uc
- Launch the UndercoverRegistration app in this folder and enter your email and license key