23 June 2009

Preparing for the future

Orbicule is highly committed to OS X. In fact, OS X is the only platform we write software for (both flavours: Mac OS X and iPhone OS). Undercover is not just some port from a Windows app, it has been designed from the ground up for Mac OS X and iPhone OS. Instead of only offering features for the lowest common denominator of all platforms (and we all know what that is ;)), Undercover adds unique functionality such as the iSight capture, screen capture, simulated hardware failure and plan B.

To underscore this commitment, we are pleased to announce that Undercover will embrace Snow Leopard. Not only will we make sure that Undercover runs on Snow Leopard, we will go a step further and offer unique Snow Leopard features. The updated version of Undercover will be available soon after the Snow Leopard release, due in September.

In the meantime, iPhone OS, our other pet platform, has received a major upgrade as well. We plan to have a new version of Undercover iPhone ready this summer. This new version will take advantage of Push Notifications to send alerts to a lost or stolen phone.

In case of loss, push notifications will let you display messages to the finder, and play an alert sound (this comes in handy if you simply forgot the iPhone under your couch).
In case of theft, Undercover will send fake message to the thief. If the thief accepts those messages, the stolen phone's location will be transmitted.

Following a good old Orbicule tradition, these updates will be free to all registered users. Have a great summer!


Thierry said...

Looking forward to these updates. Thanks for continuously improving your software.

dave said...

I hope that the Snow Leopard updates come out soon. I'm a Mac developer and have Snow Leopard, and am concerned that I am not protected! Love your product, just hope you get a SN seed out to us SN beta testers!

mhl12 said...

If I wish to upgrade to Snow Leopard when it's released this Friday, should I uninstall Undercover first and wait for the updated version?.. or should I just leave it? Thanks.

Peter Schols said...

The current version of Undercover is not compatible with Snow Leopard. I would indeed recommend to remove Undercover before installing Snow Leopard. However, it would not cause any problem to leave Undercover installed.

We will release a Snow Leopard compatible version of Undercover very soon.

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to a Snow Leopard version !! Thanks!

laserjay said...

thank you very much for makind it free to update again, what a great comany with a great philosophy you are!

Anonymous said...

I assume when it's released it'll work fine with the 64 bit kernel and not just the 32 bit one.