02 September 2009

Undercover 3.2 update is here

This update fixes a problem of increased network traffic that a small number of our customers experienced with Undercover 3.1 on Snow Leopard. This update is recommended for all users. Simply grab it from our Undercover page and run the installer.


Anonymous said...

LOL I chewed out my cable company a few days ago cause my net had been sucking and they keep telling me I didn't know what I was talking about. Back to normal speeds again after the update. Really wish you guys would build an optional auto updater we could install....

Henk said...

does this fix the problem with the location popup window ?

I keep getting popup windows when my network location changes.

Peter Schols said...

Hi Henk,

Please make sure to check the 'Don't ask this again' checkbox when Mac OS X asks to use your current location. If that does not help, please email our support team.


LESLY said...

I want to buy the sofware undercover.