12 November 2009

Undercover 1.5 now uses push notifications

Last week we already announced the availability of undercovercenter.com, a redesigned web portal for Undercover iPhone. Today, we are introducing an update to the iPhone app itself. As promised on this blog, Undercover now has the ability to be remotely activated through push notifications. When reporting a device stolen, you can send it notifications that will trigger Undercover. When you lose your iPhone or iPod, you can use Undercover to display a message on the device.

If you already have Undercover installed on your iPhone or iPod touch, you may download this free update right on your device. If you aren't an Undercover user yet, please check out the updated website or view Undercover directly on the App Store.


Nick said...

I'm really happy that you've finally added this. As an iPod touch user, my stolen iPod had the chance of not being connected to the internet when Undercover was launched, but now I have reason to buy it :D

Anonymous said...

should be great if we could "lock" the phone so the theft couldn't access email and private stuff...is it possible for you technically ?

Peter Schols said...

You can either lock the phone, or have Undercover. If the thief cannot use the phone, there is no way for Undercover to be launched by push notifications.