09 August 2010

Undercover 4.1 update

We just released Undercover 4.1. This minor update fixes a problem with Skyhook location tracking. We highly recommend all Undercover users to download and install this update. As always, the installer will automatically replace older versions. If you already are a registered Undercover user, you won't be prompted for your license key again.


TripleJ said...

Hi guys,
I just bought your software with five licenses and I must say it's very effective. Here is my first feedback.

- The tracking on the map doesn't work with wimax internet connection nor with a vpn enable and I didn't fully understand how i works with skyhook.

- Will you provide new functions in the future like the possibility to define the time ( 8 min) when pictures are taken.

- A files delete function could also be useful as last resort.

- The voice ("HELP HELP...") could be customized or translated.

- In case my mac gets stolen, do you actually work with me on recovering it?

That's all suggestions, but your soft is really nice and well made.

TripleJ said...

Another Idea is to take isight pictures of someone who tries to login with a wrong password. These pictures could then be uploaded whenever the laptop gets connected to internet.

Peter Schols said...


- Thanks for your suggestions, it's much appreciated!

- Please keep in mind that Undercover only transmits its location at startup (unless it is running on a stolen Mac).

- If your Mac gets stolen, our recovery center will work with you and with your local police station in order to provide both parties all necessary information for recovery.

- We already take iSight pictures when the thief is at the login screen (only when reported stolen).

Best wishes,


TripleJ said...

Thank you for the reply, I'm glad to see you're active on your blog.
I tried to see if the macbook takes picture at the login screen when reported stolen but it didn't happen, no matter what I did.
Did you think on taking pictures when the wrong password is entered on screen saver exit ?

Peter Schols said...

@TripleJ: apologies for the confusion, Undercover takes pictures / screenshots every 8 minutes, but only when someone is logged in. We used to take pictures at the login screen too, but this is now no longer supported by Apple and will break in future versions of Mac OS X.