31 January 2012

Witness 2 is here

We are proud to introduce Witness 2, a major upgrade to our home alarm system for Mac and iOS. Based on feedback we received from our users, version 2 has the following new features:
  • Sneak Peek: watch live images from any active Mac in your alarm system.
  • Auto-activation: Witness uses the location of your iOS device to automatically arm the alarm when leaving your house, and disarm it upon your return. It's magic!
  • Face detection: you can now setup Witness to only detect motion if it detects a human face. This may come in handy when you have pets running around the house.
  • Motion detection sensitivity: optimize camera settings for a specific environment.
  • Multiple cameras: connect and use up to 3 cameras per Mac, making it easier to cover larger areas.
  • Applescript support: it's now possible to have AppleScripts executed when arming and disarming the alarm, or when motion is detected.
Grab your update now from the revamped Witness website.


Anonymous said...

Are you creating a newer version of this product soon?

Peter Schols said...

@Anonymous: what would you like to see in a new version?