14 January 2014

Undercover 5.6 is out!

Today we released the last update of Undercover you'll need to install manually. Undercover 5.6, a free upgrade for existing Undercover 5 users, comes with auto-updating. Future updates will install automatically and in the background. Even when your Mac is stolen you can enjoy the latest features!

Undercover now also collects wireless connection information. You'll now know the name and hardware address of each wireless network a thief connects to. This information is often requested by law enforcement officers because it eliminates the need to get a court order to have the ISP release the street address. Now they can just scan the neighborhood with their smartphone to find the access point and its owner!

Undercover 5.6 also improves the accuracy of the GPS fixes. Until now, we used Skyhook Wireless to get the coordinates of a Mac. Apple's Location Services worked fine but were too easy to disable by thiefs. In Mavericks, you again need a administrator password to do this. That's why we now use both frameworks to obtain the most accurate location information available.

You can download and install the update from https://undercoverhq.com/download!


Anonymous said...

I'm an Orbicle Mac Undercover customer. Bought the multi license deal to cover all four MacBooks in the family. I feel more secure that I will be in a better position to provide the police actionable data in the event one of the Macs is stolen. I am pleased with the product.

But I do have reservations about Orbicle's security, the company not being US based for one, but more importantly because all of our critical passwords can be accessed via keystroke and screenshots capture. So I have to trust to Orbicle to: 1) not have an Orbicle employee go rouge; 2) not have the company go under; or 3) have the Orbicle site/database compromised.

For #2, I'd be willing to pay an annual subscription fee. For #1, and #2 - I would like to know what assurances I have that Orbicle is taking precautions (in plain language--not lawyer-ese). Maybe I just need to look for that info.

Thanks Orbicle Team.

Mark Mulligan

Peter Schols said...

Dear Mark,

Thanks for your nice words about Undercover!
You should not worry about this for several reasons:
- You can turn off key logging entirely
- It's only enabled in case of theft
- Even if it's enabled, it will not log passwords. Password fields are excluded from the logging at the OS level

Screenshots are no problem either, because passwords are never visible.

As a result, you can rest assured that we have no access whatsoever to critical passwords.

CEO, Orbicule