17 April 2007

Taming Leopard

Although the next major release of Mac OS X is still some months away, we are proud to report that most of the work has been done to make Undercover sing on Leopard. Current internal builds of Undercover run perfectly on the latest Leopard build (9A410). Although Undercover is a modern application, 'porting' it to a new OS version is always a challenge, because the application is so unusual in many ways (totally hidden, no user interface, ...). We also managed to add two major new features to Undercover. At least one of these features has been discussed previously on this weblog. As things stand now, we plan to release Undercover 2.0 as a free upgrade for both Tiger and Leopard, soon after Apple releases its newest feline. Of course, Leopard is still very much work in progress so we keep testing Undercover on every new release.


Our said...

I will surely buy your software if one of your "two major new features to Undercover" will be the capability to delete remotely the datas on the hardrive of my stolen laptop. The second feature you talked about it (I think) on your blog about statistic "No software currently on the market today is able to geographically locate a Mac that does not phone home. We want to change that..."
Hope I'm right.
Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

I cant wait to see these new features. And I cant wait to Leopard as well! Kepp up the good work.


Peter Schols said...

Thierry, you are pretty close....


Anonymous said...

Thanks I will definitly buy a copy of your software before I return to the US in July.
Thanks for the effort.

Charles said...

Will this be a free update if we buy now?

Peter Schols said...

The upgrade will be free for all registered Undercover users

Anonymous said...

One question (maybe already answered, I just found out about your apps).

If you remotely delete everything else on the machine, will the computer continue to be identifying itself over the network, or do so when an OS is reloaded? Any way if the drive itself is swapped out?