03 May 2007

New theft web form

As promised in one of our previous blog posts, we now have a web form available that makes it very easy to report a theft: http://orbicule.com/theft. When launching Undercover last year, we told clients that they can inform us of a theft either by phone or by email. In practice, almost every theft is reported by email. That's why we streamlined the process and created a web form, giving instant feedback to our customers. Another advantage is that victims of theft no longer need to have access to an email account. Any internet connection will suffice to activate Undercover.


Anonymous said...

In the Apple documents it refers to the firmware password it says:

"Warning: Attempts to use firmware in a manner that is not explicitly endorsed by Apple may damage your computer's logic board. Any repairs that are necessary because of this damage will not be covered under the terms of the Apple One-Year Limited Warranty, AppleCare Protection Plan, or other AppleCare agreement."

So my question would be... is this type of use to prevent the machine from being booted from another medium of being formatted considered by Apple to *be* an explicitly endorsed by Apple and thus will be something that will not void the AppleCare agreement?

Whatever the case my be with that, once you have enabled the firmware password is it possible to reverse that decision... for example if you needed to take the machine to an AppleCare maintenance facility and you wanted the technicians to be able to format it without revealing to them the firmware password?

Or once you have set the firmware password is this irreversible?

Peter Schols said...

The Apple firmware password is fully supported by Apple. In fact, the only way to set the password is through the Apple provided utility (or by booting into the EFI). The same utility app can be used to disable the firmware password. This won't void any warranty.