17 October 2007

Leopard spotted in the wild (almost)

Leopard is almost here, and we are getting ready for it. Here is what you need to know about Undercover on Leopard:

- The current version of Undercover (version 1.5), is not compatible with Leopard.
- For the past few months, we have been working on Undercover 2.0, which will run fine on both Tiger and Leopard and which will sport some new features too.
- We will release Undercover 2 as soon as we possibly can. However we can't ship it before we can test Undercover on the final Leopard build. As I'm writing this, Apple has not released it to developers yet.
- If you want to install Leopard before Undercover 2 ships, there is no need to uninstall Undercover in advance. Note that your Mac won't be protected when booted in Leopard until we release Undercover 2.
- As soon as we ship Undercover 2, we will send out emails to all registered users explaining how to upgrade under different scenarios (upgrade, archive and install, clean install).

Just to make it clear for everyone: Undercover 2 will be totally free for all registered 1.x users! Talk about an incentive to upgrade...


Anonymous said...

Hi Peter,

Just to check. If I don't deinstall undercover will I get into trouble if I do an upgrade type of install of Leopard or will it simply not be copied along and therefore not function?

Anonymous said...

Will Undercover 2 cost more than 1.5?

Peter Schols said...


If you do an upgrade install of Leopard, Undercover will still be there, but it won't be functional. Therefore, it's better to remove it manually. Contact support@orbicule.com for instructions on how to remove Undercover.

If you do a clean install, or an archive and install of Leopard, there is no need to manually uninstall Undercover.

Peter Schols said...

Undercover 2 will be a free upgrade, so there is no reason to hold out on your purchase.
We don't intend to change the pricing scheme when introducing version 2. However, we might adjust pricing down the road.

Stevenb18hsr said...

Looking forward to getting my macbook covered under 10.5... But i gotta tell ya.. I'm going to install 10.5 when it comes to me on the 26th.

I'll just tie a dog to the macbook to make sure nothing happens to it.

Anonymous said...

How long after the leopard release will version 2 be released? And when will its features be announced?

Andrew said...

Thanks guys, can't wait for the new version! I feel naked without Undercover :)

tiennou said...

Go go go =)
Hope all the testing goes well
Waiting for undercover goodness (maybe even new features....)

Anderson said...

Can't wait to upgrade. Just installes Leopard and rocks.

Can't wait to install Undercover.


Jack Pearce said...

Please hurry!!

My new Leopard Macbook is unprotected!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Free upgrades is awesome customer service.

I'll keep recommending UnderCover to all fellow Mac users I meet.


Karl said...

Great service,
But we are used to that with Peter and his team!

Anonymous said...

I agree...every "What can I do to protect my investment" thread I come across I send them to your site. Hope the update comes soon

Anonymous said...

When I install Leopard ( waiting for some apps to be compatible, including Undercover ), I will do a fresh install. You stated there's no need to de-install Undercover in this case, how does this relate to machine keys? If I don't de-install, will the machine not be de-registered? My "family pack" of Undercover has 5 licenses, will I have only 4 left if I do not de-install? or will the machine re-make the same key under 10.5?

Martin said...

Hey thanks for the great software. I just installed leopard (clean install).

When can i expect orbicule 2.0 ? any update, it's now at the end of october , 13 days since your last blog post.

due soon ? many thanks dude, i just keep and extra eye on my Macbook until 2.0 !

/ cheers from sweden

Zach said...

Hella excited

When will it be out

Peter Schols said...

Thanks a lot for all great comments: it's very encouraging to know that so many people are looking forward to Undercover 2!
We just released the new version, so please have a look at the latest blog post: it should answer all Leopard-related questions.

Martin said...

Really nice man! gonna download and install right now!