09 February 2010

Undercover recovers stolen Mac in Berkeley, CA

The MacBook of David D.'s daughter was stolen on January 9 in Berkeley, California. Thanks to Undercover, the Berkeley police station could recover the stolen Mac this past Friday. The iSight pictures obtained by Undercover were key in identifying the thief and locating the stolen goods.

We will soon post a full recovery story on our recovery page, but in the meantime you can read David's forum posts. David has been blogging about the entire recovery procedure on MacResource.com.

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Anonymous said...

That's nice to hear. We had a break in this week and my dear MB grew legs (along with many other things). Too late for that one, but that same night I purchased a family license and to install on the rest of the machines. I'm kicking myself for not doing this before but for a little peace of mind, I feel this is perfect.