22 February 2010

Three remarkable recovery stories

By popular demand, we are publishing three brand new recovery successes. The stories describe thefts that have been solved in 2010. All three accounts have been written by the respective owner of the Macs, giving you a real inside look of the entire recovery procedure.

The stories themselves are pretty remarkable:
  • In the first story, Shanna Warmald's Mac gets stolen on a flight from the U.K. to Canada. Thefts on international flights are always difficult, as it is often unclear which police station is responsible for handling the case. Thanks to Undercover and the help of the Manchester police, she could recover the MacBook.
  • The second story illustrates how Undercover helped Kenneth Koldewyn and the police to arrange a meeting with the unsuspecting thief after he put the stolen MacBook Pro on Craigslist.
  • In the last story, Dave Diamond tells us how the Berkeley (CA) police could recover his stolen Mac thanks to Undercover and a little help from iPhoto.

Make sure to visit our recovery page for more Undercover successes.

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