29 March 2010

Beta-testers wanted

Undercover 4 is right around the corner. It will be the most significant Undercover-upgrade yet. As with all previous Undercover upgrades, it will be free for registered users. This applies to all of our clients, including the early-adopters who purchased Undercover 1.0 in January 2006.

To make sure Undercover 4 is issue-free from the start, we are currently looking for a few extra beta testers. We are especially - but not solely - interested in Mac OS X Tiger users.
If you are interested in helping us out, please send an email to beta@orbicule.com. Don't forget to mention your affiliation, the Mac OS X version you are using and the hardware you will be testing on.

UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who signed up. We now have enough beta testers.

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