12 March 2010

iPad support

In case you were wondering about our iPad commitment: Undercover iPhone will run just fine on the iPad from day one. If you already have our iPhone version, just sync your iPad with iTunes to protect your pad. No need to purchase another app. In addition, we will take iPad support a step further by developing an iPad-optimized version.


Glenn Fleishman said...

I'm assuming that iPhone OS 4 (via its publicly announced feature of background location) will let us run Undercover for iPad/iPhone as an app that just sits there. But it seems like the OS will control if and when background processes die.

Victoria L. Herring said...

Thanks for this. I have an iPad on order and my husband has one now. Plus I have an iPhone and 2 laptops & MacPro and my daughter has another laptop. Do the iPhone and iPad units count each as one toward the 5 family number ? I'm trying to figure out which machines should be covered under the household and then what about others?

Peter Schols said...

Hi Victoria,

The iPad / iPhone version and the Mac version are completely separate when it comes to licensing. he iPad / iPhone version is only available through the iTunes App Store, while the Mac version is only available through the Kagi store. The Mac household version only covers Macs (Apple does not allow us to sell iPhone software ourselves).

Best wishes,


Undercover: innovative theft-recovery software for Mac OS X

Peter Schols said...

Yes, Undercover will definitely run as a background app as soon as iPhone OS 4 comes out!